For a while, imagine you stay in an environment which is constant in all terms whether its seasons, routine, the way you do your dress or edibles you intake; everything is just same as it was the previous day. Wouldn’t it become intolerable to survive in such circumstances, snatching vividness and our zeal & goal to live life? This interminable assumption gives us the thoughtful sketch of an importance of diversity in our lives. Diversity is a wizard which keeps the human race going, which we face in the form of globalization and better understanding towards it is something we want to attain through global education.

Global education denotes the level to which global issues, such as culture, language, and development, are incorporated into the formal curriculum. The ultimate goal of teaching global education is to allow people to participate in creating a better, shared future.

The essentiality of Global education can be channelized on the grounds like –

Extension of domain of students’ view

Global education explores student’s connections and perceptions to the world, which helps extend their views about different cultures and global issues. It allows them to think critically and recognize other economic, cultural and political perspectives. It can also be used to reduce global conicts and enhance cooperation. It motivates change or modies the view of students on campus who get a chance to study on-line degrees or study abroad.

Fosters interdependence and unity

Global education accentuates the interdependence and unity of the human race. This enables students to generate a sense of appreciation of cultural diversity. Further, it allows people to recognize the need for afrming human rights, social justice, keeping peace and maintaining a sustainable future through their daily life. Global education sows the thought among students to take social action after learning about global issues. It emphasizes the importance of subjects like climatic changes, poverty, world trade and politics and religious differences.

Creates global citizens

Global education enables students to become global citizens. It promotes positive values inspiring them to take responsibility for their actions and to view others as global citizens. Such a perspective allows them to support environmental conservations, promote peace and justice globally. To become global citizens learning second languages and different cultures is imperative. Global citizens have an appreciation of other people’s cultures and religion, which encourages global unity. Further, this appreciates the need to keep the world safe and sustainable for the next generation.

Acquire global workforce competitiveness

Global education, through emphasizing cultural understanding, enables people to interact, learn and work with people from diverse nationalities. The world is becoming highly interconnected, both on the economic and political realms. There are more job opportunities coming up that require international awareness and competitiveness. Students who have gone through global education will, thus, quickly take advantage of the merging opportunities. Global education put such international realities into the formal education.

Supports student’s development

Global education promotes the development of values, skills and knowledge necessary for student’s development. Where by studying controversial issues, students acquire effective communication tactics and learn critical thinking skills, by studying about the global issues and realities, students gain an appreciation for multiculturalism and diversity. Through engagement with social issues, students build their compassion, self-esteem and get empowered to become better citizens. Consequently, global education supports the development of student’s skills and experiences in their classrooms, in the nation and globally. Such skills enable them to impact positively on the national and global issues.

At Amity Global School, we take pride in the educational opportunities we are able to provide for our children. Being a part of AMITY Group of Institutions and affiliated to CIE (Cambridge International Examinations), it offers numerous benefits to its learners:

CIE offers an accelerated and engaging academic experience to students. The education challenges the students to work with the highest international standards in Science, Mathematics, and English. CIE offers a curriculum that allows students to enquire about local, national and international issues, to give them a deeper understanding.

Additionally, CIE provides international benchmarks that allow educators to evaluate the learners’ progress and determine their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Further, CIE encourages student’s activity and development. The education explores learners’ creativity and initiative, which encourages growth and development.

Amity Global School is ‘alma mater’ whose aim is not just to provide education, but to nurture wisdom in the thoughts of our student. With apparent understanding of the sort of education which is required for students to grapple the world in today’s era, our sole determination is to create a future generation who adores the similarities and respect the differences globally making the world a better place to live.

Coming forth to from where we started, let’s again imagine a world; where we roam around ‘ad libitum’ without getting haunted from the thought of being in a strange place, where diversities are enjoyed in the form of liberty giving no scope for arousal of any controversial issues and even if it do so, we are hand in hand prepared with better solutions to resolve them. The world where ideas of development and progress are shared leaving no scope for angst, where globalism is a reality rather than mere ideology, where problems are discussed rather being debated. This is the sketch of the world we can create by promoting ‘global education’.

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