Energy Misused Can’t Be Excused. Stop Being Fuelish!!!

World Energy Conservation Day 2015

The rate at which today our conventional sources of energy are used is so rapid, that several crucial elements are estimated to face a severe threat of extinction after ten years from now. Even if we consider the replacement for these resources, where are we going to find the replacement of water and pure air? The condition of depletion of natural resources is so alarming that the single thought of our future without them sets chill in our spine. Before things get out of control, play your role in conserving the resources of energy and realize the difference an individual’s effort can make on the big scale. Following are the few tips which may prove to be your efficient step towards energy conservation-

• How often do we just forget to switch off our fans, lights, TV, computers and other such appliances or we just don’t care enough or most of the times feel a bit lazy to do so? Can you imagine the difference our little responsibility can create if every one of us starts taking it seriously?

• Replace every lightening source of your house from LEDs. LEDs are the way to go as they work great and use up to 85 percent less energy to deliver the same amount to light.

• Make sure new (and old) game consoles have their auto power-down feature enabled. Otherwise, your Xbox or Play Station continuously draws 60 to 150 watts of power.

• Always buy desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven and many other such devices with the ENERGY STAR® logo. An ENERGY STAR logo means it uses less energy than similar models and will save you lots of money over its lifetime.

• If possible, make yourself more dependent on the use of solar equipment like solar cookers, solar water heaters, and solar panels for producing electricity. This one-time investment is win-win in conserving energy as well as your pockets.

• Save water people! Repair leaky taps in your premises and also keep a check on over flowing water reservoirs not just at your house but even if you see such things in your surroundings. Don’t ever think, thousands of people are wasting and careless on their usage of energy resources, what will happen from you being deliberate? One shouldn’t ever forget ‘it takes drops to fill the pot’. Your deed matters. Maybe, you can inspire few more around you thus forming an eternal chain of many such single individuals around the globe dedicated on conserving energy and preserving natural resources.

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