How to manage quality time with kids in your tight schedule?


In a parent’s daily routine , work takes up a big chunk of time available. But even with a tightly packed schedule, it is imperative for parents to keep aside some time for their precious young ones.  Parent-children quality time is an indispensable requisite for bonding and growing up together! But unfortunately a typical work day nowadays is very hectic and exacting and it hardly leaves any time or energy to spend quality time with children. Here are some few ways to find time for your little ones:


  • Keep off the web and the ‘idiot box’!

We are spending an alarmingly considerable amount of time on social media and in front of the television. Parents should cut down on such activities and instead devote this time for their kids; definitely more relaxing, satisfying and productive to spend free time with one’s own children rather than on social media or television.

  • Keep off your ride!

People in metropolitan cities have become so used to their vehicles that for even for daily activities involving short distances, they prefer to take out their vehicles rather than walking or cycling. Parents should take this opportunity to go for a walk or go cycling with their kids, this way they will spend some quality time with their children and also get the much needed exercise.

  • Take your kids to work!

Many MNCs have a provision in place wherein employees can bring their children to work for a day. Parents should make use of such initiatives to not only spend time but also showcase and educate their  children about their work. Who knows the little one might get inspired to follow in the footsteps of the parents!


  • Take off on weekends.

Find out about tourist destinations that are nearby and worth visiting and just take off on a weekend, on a road trip with the children. Kids would love this surprise and parents can make it into an educational trip by giving interesting titbits about the places they visit.


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