Benefits of Coloring Books for Healthy Mind

benefits-of-coloring-books-for-a-healthy-mind“Colors express the main psychic functions of man.” – Carl Jung

When you dig up in your past, coloring books will be probably the cutest memory you may recall. The smell of colors and the sense of freedom they gave by filling them on sheets as a child was immense pleasure. But do you know how this small fun fill activity is powerful aid to nurture mental health of not just kids but also adults?

Catching up to current day, studies still demonstrate the #psychological and #mental #health benefits of coloring, and it’s widely implemented in modern therapy. Here are significant ways in which #coloring #books help contribute to a #healthy #mind.

#Sanative: Coloring can be a medium for a child to deal and express their unsure emotions on coloring sheets paving way for their psychological development.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Coloring books have proved to be an effective therapy for #PTSD, as the act of coloring reduces the activity of the amygdala in the brain, which consequently reduces its reaction to fear and anxiety.

Good Night’s Sleep
Taking a few minutes before bed to color, instead of watching television or using your phone, allows you to get your body prepared for a more restful night’s sleep.

Delaying #Dementia
Coloring books utilize both hemispheres of the #brain, incorporating both #logic and #creativity as you color. This acts as an enhanced cognitive exercise, similar to crossword puzzles, which has been proven to help delay the onset of #dementia.

#Meditation – Coloring is form of meditation to relieve emotional and mental stress. It’s best remedy for boredom which seems sometimes to be the major problem with most of the adults. By coloring, one may shift their focus from negative thoughts & habits to creative ways.

#Concentration: Coloring complex pictures having narrow margins and minute details increases ones quality to focus on particularization there by sharpening minds. This isn’t just applicable on kids but for adults too.

With these benefits and more being credited to coloring books, the next time your son or daughter asks for the crayons, grab a few yourself and join them for your own benefits as well.

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