11 Genius Ways to Repurpose Kids Stuff


  1. Lunch Box – Old lunch box can be used to plant tiny bonsai plants enhancing the look of your home.



  1. Water Bottle or Sipper – Cut the upper part of the water bottle such that it takes the form of a tumbler and use it pen stand. You may further make it look prettier by wrapping it with wool or coloring it and decorating with kundans and laces.



  1. Crayons – Crayons can be used to make wonderful candles. Take a steel container and put similar color crayons in it. Place the glass in boiling water till it melts. Take another glass and pour the melted crayon in it. Fix candle thread in the middle of the melted crayon. Wait until the melted crayon solidifies. You can do the same with all other crayons one by one letting them solidify. Candle is ready.


  1. Crib – Unused crib occupying unwanted space can be used as laundry holder.



  1. Socks – I am sure there must a pool of socks with you without its pair. Cut the mouth of the sock and stitch them one after another forming rail behind a sock. Stuff it with cotton or old soft cotton clothes and you will have a cute cuddlesome snake soft toy for your little one.



  1. Readymade Wear Box – Now this is another thing you may find in abundance at your home, something of which you want to get rid of but you couldn’t until junk dealer come up to you to collect them. What you need to do is seal the box from three sides with the help of abro tape and cut the fourth end as for open mouth of the box. Punch two holes at this side on both layers and put a chord tying knot so as to make handle. And your shopping bag is ready.


7. Old Clothes – You may stitch the beautiful memories associated with the clothes of your lil champ together to form a quilt.



  1. Baby Food Tin Can – Decorate the tin can by painting it with your favorite color and images or by simply wrapping a colorful sheet around it. Seal it with blue gun and make an inch of cut at the center of the can and your money bank is ready.



  1. Milk Bottles – Milk bottles with bit effort, appropriate wiring and bulbs can be converted into beautiful chandelier which are not just cheap but also unique and exquisite giving glam to your room.


  1. Baby Bath Tub – Baby bath tub can be reused to stack up all the toys and miscellaneous things of your kid collectively placed at the corner of the room and you won’t have to worry about clearing the mess again and again from your kid’s room.



  1. Baby Food Glass Jar – These glass jars can be used to preserve edibles of all types as glass is the best medium to store food without any health hazard.

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